Thursday, March 26, 2015

Simple and Colorful

Hey, friends! Linda Barber here. I'm a super simple scrapbooker/cardmaker, because if I'm scrapbooking, I like to put the focus on my photos and journaling. And if I'm making a card, I just want it to be fairly quick. I like color and usually I make one layer creations. (Well, I do like a pop up dot or two on occasion...)

I used the Today stamps for both cards. This set is so great for sending happy wishes. I love that Ashley included both font-set and handwritten sentiments.

For this first one, I used the broken line stamp and stamped it with different color inks. Super easy! No measuring allowed. Just go to town, because stamping is supposed to be a fun hobby, right?

The second one uses only the circle and three words. Here's what I learned: if you use dye ink for the circle, use a pigment ink for the words. On my first try, I used dye ink for both circles and words, and the paper would keep absorbing it all, and soon it was hard to read the sentiment. I switched to pigment ink, and it was all good! Yay!

Thanks for coming by! Hope you have a great day!

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