Monday, March 9, 2015

Planner Fun with Lisa

Hey everyone! It's Lisa with you today on the YES blog and I'm sharing some different ways to use the cutie-patootie Plan It Daily Stamps that Ashley has in the shop

Now, I'm a Mixed Media gal, but I'm also verrrrry unorganized. I actually have 4 planners. I KNOW!! So her stamp set is a gift from above. Can ya hear the angels singing, y'all? I know I did when I got her set in my hot little hands, but I also wanted to make this mine. So here's what I did in MY planner. Follow along in my planner journey. :)

As I get my DT assignments from my "bosses" I add them to my Google calendar and then color code each team.  This makes it easier for me visually to distinguish between each team. And also for when I add them to my paper planner. When my month is full, I print it out.

1. First since I like to watercolor on my planner and use the colors according to each team I use Gesso to make the paper non-porous. No need to get heavy handed, but just go through and make sure each square has a coat. I also add Gesso to squares for birthdays and anniversaries.

2. The paper can warp just a little bit, but this is the price you pay to watercolor the paper. I'm not fussy, but I just want to warn you if this is something you choose to do.

3. I added the square stamp from the Plan It Daily set in black and the stamp that says "plan" in red. This was to kind of alert me of what I have ahead and due on these days. I will check the box off in Gold when it is completed. The heart stamp I'm using for birthdays and anniversaries.

4. Using Art GRIP® Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils I outlined the boxes in the coordinating DT colors from my Google calendar. 

5. Then used a watercolor brush to blend it in with water. (*Note: It's important to stamp with a permanent or Archival ink so that it won't bleed when you watercolor.)

I also add in the name of the Design Team at the top of the square with a PITT Artist Pen, add the Birthday and Anniversary Information, too.

6.  When I complete my blog post I happily check it off with the "check mark" stamp in gold! :)

7. I added a strip of washi off to the side and stamped the "to-do" stamp.  Then I had fun with a few of the other stamps knowing what I had "to-do" this month.

However you choose to decorate your planner. These stamps are sure to be your go to set with so many options and I know that we can't wait to see how you use them.

Here's a little close up;

And you can all the stickers, clips, and doo-dads you want!

I hope that this gave you a little inspiration on how I intend to use at least ONE of my planners. HA!! :) Now let's see how you are going to use yours with this awesome set by Ashley and Your Everyday Stamps.


  1. What a pretty way to look at your obligations! ;)

  2. So fun, love how you used watercolors in your planner!

  3. Great ideas for dressing up a basic planner page!